…End, Conclusion

I couldn’t continue writing the post yesterday because I was hit by increasingly strong headaches. As expected, they then developed into a migraine, with the usual symptoms. Even today, I’ve been troubled by severe headaches throughout the day, which improved by evening. This has happened to me several times before, where I’ve experienced a migraine… Continue reading …End, Conclusion

Second 2-day cure

The week is slowly coming to an end, and I must say it was fantastic, especially considering the “setback”. On Monday, I still felt a bit off, but the coffee enemas (one each for 3 days) really helped clear my head. It’s particularly worth mentioning that I slept for 6 hours straight on two consecutive… Continue reading Second 2-day cure

Sixth Day

Today is already the 6th day of my cure. I started asking my body through muscle tests how long I should do this. For three days, the answer has been 7 days in total, so tomorrow would be the last day. Since the migraine attack, I have been taking 2 Nystatins with the meal shakes… Continue reading Sixth Day

Third Day

Yes, it is easier. The ability to eat somehow takes the pressure off the situation. This morning I sat with my family at breakfast, and even though I actually just watched, I knew I would get my soup shortly after. However, I probably still eat a little too much. When I went to bed last… Continue reading Third Day

“Film Ab!”

I just quickly sent off the last post so I can continue writing here, because there is quite a bit… I have now 3 of these 4-day cures from Marlene and started yesterday, on Friday. And yes, being able to eat during it is great! You should chew very thoroughly, almost until only liquid is… Continue reading “Film Ab!”


In the winter of 21/22, it slowly became clear to me that the reason the medication against the fungus was not working: it was somehow hiding behind a “biofilm”. This made the fungus somehow “unreachable” against all the drugs I used against it. For a while, I tried to combat the biofilm with colostrum and… Continue reading Biofilm

Another Cure

Since Friday, I have been doing another intestinal cure and I would really like to eat something!! Hmm, then I’ll just write an article about it and shorten the time until the next shake.. I also notice from my excretions how something is changing for the better. Last summer, during my first intestinal cure during… Continue reading Another Cure

Hello World

Starting a blog is not difficult initially, you just have to take the time for it and start writing. I’ve been thinking about starting one for a while now because I have something to say. But somehow, most of the people I talk to don’t really want to hear my stories; illnesses are not exactly… Continue reading Hello World