A few days ago, my order from the USA arrived: Candidase, an enzyme cocktail of cellulase and protease, which is supposed to help in the “digestion” of fungi.

Even before I discovered the biofilm treatment, I had spent a lot of money on this stuff, but with at best moderate success.

Now, however, after my own microbiome is finally making progress with the fungus, it seemed worth trying again.

With success! Since the day before yesterday, I have been taking 3 * 2 capsules with meals, and bloating has almost stopped since then. The package contains 120 capsules; I think for the first 10 days I will maintain the dosage, then halve it.

I don’t want to overrate this, but in the meantime, I hope that 2023 will be the last year of this fungus in my body 😉

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