Immune System

This treatment lasted 6 days, and lately, the stench has become increasingly worse. However, after the scale showed only 66Kg last night, the treatment is being discontinued regardless. Even though I would have liked to continue, since black stuff, likely still the fungus Candida Albicans, which possibly also triggers the stench, kept coming out of… Continue reading Immune System

It’s Shedding

Yesterday evening, starting the next intestinal cleanse, had headaches from the morning, which faded by late afternoon. Surprisingly: Right on the first day, proper bowel movement/diarrhea and the biofilm is just shedding away. No idea how normal this is, but I’ve never experienced it like this in the past! It seems as if the microorganisms… Continue reading It’s Shedding


Today, I struggled with headaches throughout the day, but only when they started to improve towards the evening, could I associate them with the increasingly stronger flatulence: Dying fungus / Die-Off! Such symptoms haven’t really occurred lately, although I was quite aware of its dying, especially because of the smells. I have no idea how… Continue reading Die-Off

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