Cleaning the Intestinal Wall

Some things have happened again, and I’m only now getting around to documenting them: After I had finished the last treatment I wrote about, I went to a reunion and for the first time in years, I truly turned the night into day, dancing till the end!

The following Friday, I started the next treatment and on the first day, I actually only had a headache, no migraine!

I carried on with this treatment for 8 days and due to my horrible stench, which set in after a few days, I was once again banished from the bedroom, which I didn’t mind, as it allowed me to sleep with the window open.


I actually wanted to continue the treatment for longer, but since the stench improved and I last weighed only about 64Kg, I then discontinued it. Since then, I have been gaining weight again, and this morning I was at 68.4Kg on the scale.

I still have flatulence, but not the terrible sweet kind as during the treatment, but rather a more bitter scent, which I remember from my childhood. I suspect it’s lactobacilli responsible for this, at least I hope so.

Hydrogen Peroxide

In my imagination, the smell occurs when hydrogen peroxide-producing lactobacilli clean the intestinal wall, no idea if it’s true, but it’s a nice thought! It seems as if my own body is gradually becoming capable again of defending itself against the parasite.

And these scents have also become somewhat less in the last few days, whether this has to do with a reduction in the overgrowth? Next weekend, I plan to do the next intestinal treatment and am very curious to see how it will feel, hopefully, it will confirm my hopes!!!

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