…End, Conclusion

I couldn’t continue writing the post yesterday because I was hit by increasingly strong headaches. As expected, they then developed into a migraine, with the usual symptoms.

Even today, I’ve been troubled by severe headaches throughout the day, which improved by evening.

This has happened to me several times before, where I’ve experienced a migraine on the first day of such a cleanse. Only last week was different, as the migraine appeared the day before…

What’s causing the migraine?

While I was waiting for the effect of the triptan to kick in last night, I remembered something I read recently: Candida largely consists of sugar. So, both the fungus and the biofilm itself are made of sugar. This is precisely the stuff that allows it to produce, in large amounts, the substances that trigger the migraine.

At least this would be an argument against short 2-day cleanses if they always start off so negatively. In any case, I suspect that the next one will be similar, as my nose tells me there’s still some biofilm present.

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