Second 2-day cure

The week is slowly coming to an end, and I must say it was fantastic, especially considering the “setback”. On Monday, I still felt a bit off, but the coffee enemas (one each for 3 days) really helped clear my head.

It’s particularly worth mentioning that I slept for 6 hours straight on two consecutive nights without waking up! Afterwards, I continued to sleep well, but I haven’t experienced such a long uninterrupted sleep in years, at least not without medication.

However, last night that streak ended; I woke up at least 5 times. I also started to feel a mild headache. It seems to me as if the fungus has survived the last treatment.

Part 2

Therefore, it’s time for the next 2-day intestinal cleanse. I will start today, on Friday, so I can eat well again by Sunday, as I have an invitation. Since I do consume food during the cleanse, I won’t need to gradually get used to eating again.

All in all, my situation has certainly improved significantly over the past year, ever since the first intestinal cleanse on the North Sea coast.

Nevertheless, the fungus produces its own biofilm to protect itself from the other substances I use against it.

Hence, it might be necessary to undergo a few more of these intestinal cleanses…

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