Biofilm day

Well, the migraine medication didn’t solve everything; the headaches didn’t stop…

So, on Saturday, I started the next intestinal cure, which I had wisely ordered while still on vacation. Today is the second day, and since I have to work again tomorrow, I will leave it at that for now and prefer to continue next weekend.

It is also interesting that I had massive biofilm excretions today, almost after every meal shake. I have never had it so early and so strong before!

So much biofilm in only 3 weeks

It is also interesting how much biofilm could form again in my stomach during the 3 weeks in the USA. Possibly the fungus is mainly responsible for this. Whether this is the reason why it was so “easy” to loosen or whether it simply did not have enough time to anchor itself more firmly, I do not know.

In any case, my headaches have almost completely disappeared now, and I am looking forward to work again…

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