Immune System

This treatment lasted 6 days, and lately, the stench has become increasingly worse. However, after the scale showed only 66Kg last night, the treatment is being discontinued regardless. Even though I would have liked to continue, since black stuff, likely still the fungus Candida Albicans, which possibly also triggers the stench, kept coming out of me.

Now, my body must once again deal with it on its own, I had thought about starting the next attempt in about 10 days. However, I still notice strong flatulence and attribute this to the activity of my own immune system.

Furthermore: It’s probably not that simple to completely expel the Candida fungus along with the biofilm, as, unlike bacteria, it has a structure and might somehow cling to the intestinal wall. At least, it had plenty of time to settle there over the last few decades!

Alternative Approach

So, an alternative approach now: Supporting the immune system as best as possible, by taking lactobacillus bacteria, anti-fungal foods/supplements, and this mixture of healing clay and psyllium husks.

This will probably take some time, so I will continue with the Candida diet for a while longer. In addition, I’m monitoring my flatulence and if it should decrease, it might be time to initiate the next intestinal treatment.

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