In the winter of 21/22, it slowly became clear to me that the reason the medication against the fungus was not working: it was somehow hiding behind a “biofilm”.

This made the fungus somehow “unreachable” against all the drugs I used against it. For a while, I tried to combat the biofilm with colostrum and lactoferrin and combined these with antifungal agents. Unfortunately, largely unsuccessful.

Although I pushed the fungus back a little bit, I made a lot of effort and the result was at best a draw.


Until I discovered the intestine cure, with which the biofilm can simply be excreted. It comes under different names (DarmDetox, Express Darmkur Premium, Karstädt’s DARMDETOX, Darm Detox Express, etc.) and slightly different ingredients, but the principle is always the same: fermented oil palm leaf fibers combined with okra powder.

This combination allows the biofilm to be filled with water. This makes it heavy and can no longer hold on to the intestinal wall: it is excreted.

Just shit it out

The effectiveness of this cure was clear to me from the start when I only read the explanation. Since I did my first one, I was convinced. So far, I have done 22 such cure days and felt better with each of these days. Until then, after 13 of these cures, I thought I was healed and the fungus was defeated.

But that was not the case. The biofilm was not yet cleared out, and as long as it is still there, the Candida will also be there.

The problem is the biofilm

In the meantime, it has become clear to me what that means: the problem is not primarily the fungus, but the biofilm. This protects the pests and destroys the useful intestinal flora, which is why it must be removed.

However, 22 intestinal cure days have not been enough for me so far to get rid of it, but it has decreased with each cure.

Presumably, this bacterial colony is older than the infection with Candida Albicans. It probably accompanied its mutation/development just as it caused the destruction of the enterococci and other beneficial organisms.

I am probably not alone with this problem. If you see how much allergies have increased in recent decades, it is quite conceivable that the intestinal biofilm plays a part in it. The propionic acid, which the enterococci in my intestine can no longer produce, is needed by the body to produce suppressive T cells (Treg). These regulators of the immune system seem to have been disappearing more and more since the 1970s, if the increasing number of allergies since then is taken as evidence.

From 1988, propionic acid was banned as a preservative for bread in Germany (E280), but is meanwhile allowed again. This may also have contributed to the stagnation of the increase in allergies.

For my part, I have currently reduced the expensive probiotics (Symbioflor). As long as the biofilm does not become significantly weaker again, it would only mean burning money. The more specific Candida remedies also remain in the drawer until their use is more worthwhile.

First of all, “film off”!

(The name of a biofilm cure, which is not available in the US)

I have now ordered the next intestinal cure, this time again one for 4 days. Supposedly you can even eat with Marlene’s “Film Ab!” Intestinal care cure, which hopefully makes the situation easier for me with my underweight. What and how much you can eat exactly, I have not been able to find out so far, which is why I am very curious about the product. As soon as it has arrived here and I can write more about it, you will find out.

In any case, I am really looking forward to doing the next cure to further reduce this disgusting stuff in my body. I have no idea how long it will take, but I will probably do it until what comes out of me is no longer disgusting and black.

I am optimistic!

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