Another Cure

Since Friday, I have been doing another intestinal cure and I would really like to eat something!! Hmm, then I’ll just write an article about it and shorten the time until the next shake..

I also notice from my excretions how something is changing for the better. Last summer, during my first intestinal cure during a holiday in Holland, I was really bloated.

Yes, the cure does cause nasty flatulence now as well, but unlike back then, I also have regular bowel movements. This is mainly the excretion of the biofilm, which is dissolved by the shakes.

Since the summer, I have done many more of these cures and only now, in retrospect, can I really see the changes. As I said, the bowel movements got better each time, and since this cure, the color has also changed very significantly.

Change in stool color

So far it was totally black, now there is a distinctive red contained and the smell is not as disgusting anymore. The red, which frightened me at first, is due to the beetroot juice that I use to mix the meal shakes.

I have been doing this since last summer, but I could never recognize the color in the stool before. Probably because this black stuff has decreased.

The migraine has become weaker

Last weekend I had another attack and yes, it was very uncomfortable. However, the nausea was much weaker, and I could also do without medication.

In a moment, I will enjoy the last shake of this 3-day detox, and from tomorrow morning there will be delicious food again. Even if this might not be the last cure in this series, I still hope to defeat the fungus in the course of this year.


The day after, I am back to eating heartily and this afternoon I performed an enema. Unfortunately, the result was just as disgustingly deep black as in the past, so it will probably take a bit longer after all.

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