“Film Ab!”

I just quickly sent off the last post so I can continue writing here, because there is quite a bit…

I have now 3 of these 4-day cures from Marlene and started yesterday, on Friday. And yes, being able to eat during it is great! You should chew very thoroughly, almost until only liquid is left in the mouth, almost the same as with the blender. But that totally changes this cure, if you no longer crave food so much, and even have to chew for it.

Anyway, in the afternoon I started to get a headache, which got stronger and stronger until the evening. At some point it became clear that this is a migraine again.

Luckily, I took a tablet in time, which allowed me to sleep through the night.

This stupid fungus is still strong enough to knock me down.

Could it be time to get serious?

Does it make sense to just go through these 12 days in a row, even if I run the risk of becoming underweight?

I have no idea, maybe I’ll do it. The thing with eating makes it easier anyway. Earlier, fried zucchini with olives was on the menu, in antifungal coconut oil. I added onions, delicious. However, onions are harder to chew until they are liquid…

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