Holliday – USA

It’s been quite some time since the last post, some things have happened and since I was abroad, I first wrote the post as a comment and then restructured it.

The fungus has continued to cause me problems in the past, albeit significantly less. It was interesting that the next cure, lasting 3 days, led to a severe migraine attack after the first day. However, I felt significantly better afterwards, which is why I left it at 3 days.

As the USA vacation approached in August, I went through the last 2 cure days on the weekend before, and again a migraine came up on the first evening, but less strong than last time.

However, I was really unsure: how will it be in the states, can I continue my diet there?

Candida diet in the USA – a challenge

Now that the vacation is slowly coming to an end, I can say: It was very difficult to impossible, but thankfully I am doing quite well. And that even though I significantly scaled back my efforts in this regard after the first week.

The headaches that I keep having seem to come more from the “die-off” than from the growth of the parasite, and that even though I am currently consuming things that I could not even remotely imagine until recently 😉

The first pizza in years

So last night I ate a whole pizza and since I still felt good the next morning, I decided to record this post in a comment!

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